** Corgi's - the wonder dogs **

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Corgi's are great, aren't they? They're regal, look like they're had their legs cut off at the knee, and they get all roly-poly and fluffy. They're perfect!
Of course, everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth II has had many corgis over the years, in fact she's had over 30 of them as pets!

The picture to the right is just sooooooo cute don't you think? They're smashing beasts, and in this family portrait of the queens dogs one is called "Mr Blobby", he's in the middle, back row.

However, be careful! Some people will try and pass of these lovable canines just to get some attention (see left)! This is truly shocking, especially as he''s really mangy lol.
Many of you may be thinking - they look cute for a bit I guess, but they're so ridiculous in design they can't have any useful purpose! Well, you be wrong (obviously), and here are some suggestions as to jobs for the working corgi:

  • ornamental wheelbarrow (see above)

  • ring bearer at a wedding

  • footstool

  • a life size playmate for kiddies

  • small coffee table

  • let its hair grow long and it could sweep as it walks!

  • Royal Corgi look-a-like/ stunt double

  • show corgi (like the one in the background)

  • Superhero, defending all other small dogs with it obvious weight advantage in fights

  • dress up playmate - visit here for clothing suggestions

So, before you go bashing corgis, or favouring other canine friends which have more prowess, remember, corgis are super! And if the Japanese have a magazine devoted to them, they must be special