More photos

pompy peeps

As promised, you've had pictures of the place now here are some of the people! This is only the peeps from the flat, and the squatters who err... well, squat here, and a few friends of friends... anyway... enjoy =)


Left here was Hayley's 20th bday... she's the one with the spanking paddle hand thingy... she's actually very quiet and shy if you met her ;)

first group photo

(l-r) Danny, Hayley, Diggins, Keri, Nathan, Kelly

young love...

Here's Nathan and our neighbour Liz. The got together in the first few weeks of uni, how sweet :)

cross dressing

Danny with his mate Tony as they get ready for going out. They decided to dress as women ( i think this was hallowe'en so that might explain a bit). unfortunately no pictures of the finished article, but Keri got her fish net tights back stretched beyond belief...


ah, the joys of wednesday nights! Well, yes... anyway, wednesday is sports night out and they always have to dress up. Here's Keri in a fetching fame get-up for her night out with the netball girls


This would be Steve. He lives across the hall with Liz. Kelly is lurking in the background lookin suss lol

out on the town

Hayley and Keri in Flares, the local nigtclub -as in right at the end of the road. It's got a light up dance floor like in the movi Saturday Night Fever and the bar staff dance on the bars. Very reserved.

Coming soon...

...the christmas ball is coming up soon, so look out for more piccies