Puny earthings indeed... follow these simple blue-peter style instructions for your very own robot head. Many thanks to Robot Frank for inspiration for Phil's xmas prezzy =)

All you need is some tin foil, a cardboard box, some sticky back plastic and scissors (I used a knife cos it was quicker but more of that later)


Mark out the facial features for your droid. Mine had eyes and a mouth as you can see. Start cutting then mouth out as this will be what you see through...


An example of what happens when you play with knives - don't do this at home kiddies


me bumping into the wall as  realise I can't see out of the holes that have been cut...


...therefore cutting out the eyes is a good move.


oh yes, save 2 of the mouth bits, they're very important


someone didn't take their own advice. Look in bin for two bits of mouth...


cover with tin foil (duller side, we don't want to look cheap) and cut out the holes


Add two bits of bottle for the eyes and voila!

Get your sister to model it before wrapping up.