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As a non-drinker it was sort of intimidating to go to university where there is a definite culture of "over indulgence" of alcohol, but once I'd explained to people I just didn't like to drink they accepted me... if people hassle you about such trivial things they're not worth knowing if you ask me...

Here is list as long as my arm (almost) of things you can do of an evening if you're not of the drinking persuasion, not just in Pompey, but just about anywhere - almost.

1) The seaside!  Quite obviously we have this local resource, and is good fun (so long as its not raining etc) for sitting by the sea or walking along, making fun of the joggers as you go

2) Cinema - quite obvious this one, but if you go on student night on a Tuesday (I think) tickets are ridiculously cheap... and promotions are posted about all the time for free tickets to new films.

3) Bingo! Looks like  laugh on the TV, you may win money, friends can still drink if they must, and its free on a Thursday. Bargainous.

4) Pool - fun to play and get beaten on consecutive games (if you're me) and again, if your friends insist they can still have a tipple and join in the fun.

5) The aviary! Now, might not seem like fun, but this place has cute bunnies, guinea pigs and other cute little pets for you to look/prod/feed and all for free. In a park with lots of benches for re-living early teenage evenings when there was nothing else to do.

6) The arcades! Oh, many a happy our shovelling 2p's into the machines and winning crap. Candy floss is also nearby, which is an added bonus.

7) Bowling - always good for a giggle, and if you invite me you're guaranteed not to lose... not cos I'm fun or whatever, I just can't bowl for toffee 

8) Casino's! There's a fair few around here, so if you wanna splash some cash, or just act like a grown up/James Bond you can

9) Societies! There are loads here at Pompey Uni, from films to skydiving, rugby to Magic (haha if you know what that is btw ) and much more. Maybe you could start a T-Total one - haven't seen one yet

10) The Dogs! Yeah, I know its in a dodgy area but that's half the fun. Nothing like an odd night out watching whippets chase a stuffed toy.